Shareholders Information

Shareholders Information

A  new ticker symbol for Galenica shares: GALN will become VIFN  

Dear Shareholders,  

We announced our decision to evolve our two businesses, Galenica Santé and Vifor Pharma, into independent companies, in order to leverage optimally on their potential and to offer investors focused, pure-play options. A few key changes are already taking place on or before the Galenica Annual General Meeting (AGM):  

  • Since Friday, 7 April 2017, your Galenica shares have been listed on the stock exchange under a new ticker symbol, VIFN (no longer as GALN). 
  • Also on 7 April 2017, Galenica Santé became an independent company and listed on the Swiss stock exchange (SIX Swiss Exchange). Galenica Santé AG shares are trading under the stock ticker symbol, GALE.  
  • In the coming weeks until the Galenica Annual General Meeting on 11 May 2017, there will be two companies on SIX Swiss Exchange with very similar names: Galenica (VIFN) und Galenica Santé (GALE).

At the coming AGM on 11 May 2017, we will propose that our company’s name, currently Galenica Group, be changed to Vifor Pharma Group.  

We are confident that we will be able to create value you for our current and future shareholders, our customers and our employees by positioning Vifor Pharma Group as an independent, specialty pharmaceuticals company. We are grateful for your faith in our company and would be very pleased for your continued support as co-owners of Vifor Pharma Group.

Kind regards,  

Etienne Jornod
Executive Chairman



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